Is Your Course Booking System Generating Revenue for Your University?

As Universities and similar institutes look to find new streams from which to generate the revenue they need, we take a look at the ways in which a robust course booking system can offer sustainable value. Like many sectors across the UK, the past decade has presented Higher Education (HE) and Universities with a number […]

Customer Experience, Brand Identity and Your Booking System

It shouldn’t come as a massive shock to hear that we’re going to advocate the benefits of having an online booking system in your business. But not all booking systems are made equal, and simply finding the first (and cheapest) system you find on a Google search will invariably prove to be a false economy […]

Boosting Efficiency With An Online Course Booking System

Whether you’re a training provider working in the public or private sector, or even an organisation that crosses between the two, the likelihood is that you’re constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency and productivity in the way that you operate. And with good reason. Greater efficiency and productivity is the pathway towards greater cost […]

Avoiding Over-Crowding in Your Business Lounge

Avoiding Over-Crowding in Your Working Lounge How the working landscaped has changed. We explore the challenge of managing against over-crowding as demand for space in working lounges grows. Remote working, flexible hours, the rise of the freelancer, contractor and the gig economy. LinkedIn feeds are routinely awash with the latest post, article or comment on […]

How to Get More Bookings on Your Sports Camps

Over the past decade there’s been a noticeable increase in the amount of organised activities for children, such as sports camps, football or rugby schools, or arts, crafts and drama camps; especially during the school holidays. There’s a variety of reasons for this: Lower number of stay-at-home parents Increased requirement for childcare provision The continued […]

Improving Customer Experience with Real-Time Data in Your Booking System

Our latest blog post takes a look at the importance of having access to real-time data in your booking system and how this can help boost your customer experience. Data (or information, as your parents might have called it) is not a new concept. In fact, analysing data to help inform business decisions has been […]

4 More Ways Your Booking System Can Increase Conversions

The challenge for any business selling bookings, be it for courses, rooms, facilities or events, is to maximise the amount sold. Introducing an bespoke booking system should, if implemented correctly and with appropriate tools, provide your business with a platform to help you transform visits to your website from luke warm enquiry to confirmed sale. […]

A Website and Booking System for Pro Shot Golf Club

Teeing Up A New Website and Booking System for Pro Shot Golf It’s our great pleasure to introduce you to the website and online booking system for Milton Keynes-based virtual golf centre, Pro Shot Golf Club. Offering a range of indoor golf experiences, via state-of-the-art simulator bays, Pro Shot Golf Club appointed the thinkBooker team to develop […]

6 Benefits of Resource Booking Software

Does your business take bookings for meeting rooms, venues, pieces of equipment, or even your staff’s time? Whether for internal bookings or commercial sales, to ensure that you’re maximising these resources, it’s important that you have an effective and robust booking system in place. As digital tech makes many of our traditional paper-based processes more […]

Why Reducing Booking Barriers Leads to Better Sales

A fundamental feature of any successful booking system is its simplicity at the point of use. The ease with which you make it for your customers to find, book and pay for the room, facility, appointment, event or course. After all, you want your booking system to be used, again and again, to ensure that […]