New Website and Booking System For Active Day Camps

This week saw the kick-off of another exciting new project for the thinkBooker team in the shape of a new website and integrated online booking system for Active Day Camps. About Active Day Camps Founded in 2016 and operating from 3 locations across London (with plans to expand further in the near future), Active Day […]

New Booking System for Renowned US Wedding Organisers

Despite the worrying and challenging times faced by us all on both sides of the Atlantic, and across the world, the fact that we remain busy developing new systems and welcoming new clients is something that we take great pride in. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our appointment by US-based company, Happenings, to […]

Why Are Booking Systems So…

Answering the questions people seem to be asking about online booking systems. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been trying to remember who scored the winner in the 1979 FA Cup Final or researching the best booking software, when we want to find out about a product, a service or just some general information, what do […]

Is Your Technology Ready for the Future?

As I write this article, the country and indeed great swathes of the planet, is deep in the midst of a societal pause, the like of which most of us will have never experienced before. Quite rightly, the focus now is on the wellbeing of the nation, ensuring that we all do everything that we […]

3 Ways Your University Could Benefit from An Online Booking System

Whether for internal, organisational reasons, or commercial activities such as a professional training or room hire, there are compelling reasons why universities can benefit from implementing online booking systems as part of their technological environment. An Online Booking System Helps the Commercial Activities Vital to University Revenue With Universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across […]

How to Boost Profit with Online Bookings

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, having the right tools for the job can make all the difference to the profitability of the business. Tools that help you deliver better service, increase efficiency or, of course, ensure that the job gets done to a higher standard, all of which feeds into the health […]

Productivity and Profit from your Course Booking System

Making More With Your Course Booking System With professional training providers facing growing challenges in an ever-more competitive environment, investing in a course booking system can provide the automated tools to improve productivity while increasing profitability and revenue potential. Automated Technology Achieves More with Less Consider the processes that need to be delivered when taking […]

New Room Booking System for Cardiff Metropolitan University

We take pride in thinkBooker’s ability to provide versatile booking solutions, equipped to meet the challenges and needs of multi-faceted organisations. It is for this reason that we were so pleased to be able to work with Cardiff Metropolitan University on delivery of a new internal room booking system. About Cardiff Met University With its […]

5 UX Principles for Creating a Great Website

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Why It Matters That Your Course Booking System Saves Time

There’s a lot to think about when putting on and managing a course or series of courses. From filling the available spaces with delegates, to hiring a venue, scheduling an instructor, taking payments, organising catering and chasing up various communications, the list of ‘Things to Do’ can eat into a huge amount of time. The […]