How To Manage Activity and Course Bookings From Partner Providers

One of the challenges faced by organisations who offer training courses, classes or activities through 3rd parties and partner providers is how to take bookings and manage the product range consistently and efficiently for all users and customers. Some of the questions that need to be answered include: How easy is it for each provider […]

6 Ways Universities Can Increase Their Revenue Streams

The last few years have been tough for the universities and the higher education sector as a whole. Political events such as Brexit, austerity, and a fluctuating economy has put traditional revenue streams and external funding at risk. In addition, high fees, increased cost of student living and, more recently, the global pandemic has also […]

Activity Providers: Are you ready to welcome kids back to your camps?

A welcome return for kids’ camps The challenges and set-backs of the past year have certainly taken their toll on sport and activity providers and kids camps. While 2020 provided a harsh reminder that we can never fully know what’s around the corner there is certainly a sense of new, albeit cautious, optimism that better […]

This Is Not The End of Face-to-Face Training Courses

For the benefit of those who may have been living in outer space, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard and hit fast. Quarantines, lock-downs, social distancing and new rules around how we interact with other humans forced businesses into new ways of working, virtually overnight. And, for that matter, virtually. While companies across the world were […]

Why A Course Management System Makes Less Become More

When Less Helps You Achieve More In our previous article, we explored how your course management system should help you get more from your training business. However, as important as all that lovely growth and those additional bookings is the way in which your business can be boosted by a system that helps you get […]

4 Reasons Your Course Management System Needs to Deliver More

Well, as the title says, if you’re running training courses, either internally or in a training business, here’s a few things that your course management system can help you achieve more of.  Read on… More Bookings If you’re running courses, then it sort of stands to reason that you need people to actually attend them; […]

4 Time-Saving Booking Tools For Training Providers

As a training provider you invariably have many plates to spin. Time can be precious as you try to manage the tasks required when running successful training courses and programmes. In this feature, we look at four essential training management automations that can significantly reduce the workload and help your team work more efficiently. Automating Email […]

How to Create An Online Booking System For Your Business

Creating an online booking system within your business or organisation is vital for enabling a more efficient workload for your staff and a more convenient user experience for your customers. Assuming that you make the right choices, of course. In this article we’ll offer some guidance to help make your booking system, processes and customer […]

What are the Key Challenges Facing Training Providers in 2021?

The global pandemic and the restrictions on our daily lives have changed the way that people live, work, and learn. Training delivery methods have been affected, and training providers must continue to adapt to an ever-changing new normal if they are to survive, let alone thrive. In this article, we explore the key challenges that […]

Training Providers: Are You Encouraging Repeat Bookings onto Your Courses?

Everyone loves bringing new customers into the business. Convincing them that your products, services and the value you can add will be of benefit to them. For training providers, this invariably means getting new clients to take up places on the courses being run, whether that be due to the ease of signing-up and booking, […]