6 Reasons Admin Overload is Hurting Your Training Organisation

As a training provider, you’ve probably had to pivot towards some form of digital adoption due to the COVID pandemic. But have you done enough? Are you still using old-fashioned methods when it comes to onboarding, registering and getting new clients booked and signed up? Don’t fret, you’re not alone.

The training and education sector still has a long way to go in terms of digital transformation and adoption, with far too many organisations still using processes that are long-winded and ladened with unnecessary manual admin.

And that comes at a cost to your business.

Admin effect on talent in a business

Inefficient use of time and talent

Ask yourself, is that mountain of admin and paperwork that comes with your booking and management process really the best use of your team’s time?

Whether a professional training company, university or other institution, your team will undoubtedly be packed with individuals possessing skillsets that can enhance your service, delivery and growth. But if they’re overloaded with admin, spreadsheets, registers and endless emails, then they don’t have the environment to bring those skills to the fore or maximise the value they can bring to the business.

Especially when that admin is either unnecessary or could be automated through your booking and training management system.

Demotivation in your team

Admin overload can have a negative effect on staff morale, which leads to poorer results, fewer sales, and a high turnover rate. A study conducted by Asana found that 31% of workers are tempted to quit their job, or have already left a role, due to spending too much time on admin tasks.

The combination of information overload and a lack of clarity has led to poor working habits, which can damage the morale of employees.

And low morale means lower productivity, decreased output and the potential for costly increases in your staff turnover rates.

admin impact on staff turnover

Source: Gallup

Making you less competitive

When you put a strain on your resources, costs go up and productivity goes down. Which does not help your ability to be competitive in a crowded market.

Furthermore, long-winded processes have a negative impact on the customer experience.  Customers expect speed when it comes to transactions, service, issue resolutions and communications. If your admin pile-up is so severe that you can’t meet these expectations, don’t expect those clients to hang around and wait.

Slows your booking process and limits your sales

If you’re still relying on contact forms, emails and phone enquiries to fill the spaces on your training courses, then you’re creating a mountain of additional work that’s burdening your team and reducing your chances of securing the bookings.

You may think you’re adding to the personal service by offering these channels, but in reality you’re slowing the process down and creating more barriers and more opportunities for customers to abandon and move elsewhere.

Online booking systems that provide self-service options and a fast-track to finding, booking and paying for the course or event that they want should be a fundamental part of your service.

Of course, your system needs to be an integral part of your entire management process, not just some bolt-on item. For an efficient service that takes away from the admin strain of client and staff alike, your booking system needs to be reliable (naturally) and provide a seamless journey from booking into registrations, confirmations, reminders, finance, reporting and your CRM.

admin overload in training team

Greater client dissatisfaction from your customer-base

As a training organisation, the focus should be on the delivery of that training, to the highest quality possible. Any task or process that’s unnecessary or that detracts from that, is undermining the product and service you deliver.

Resulting in a sub-par experience for the learner which diminishes reputation and future growth opportunities.

Online reputation is high currency in today’s training environment, meaning dissatisfying user experiences can be especially damaging. Poor reviews that cause untold harm to your brand is obviously something to be avoided at all costs. But there’s also the hidden costs of those who just shrug their shoulders and silently move to another provider.

Lower revenue, higher expenditure, and less profit

If admin overload is creating inefficiencies, diminished sales conversions and higher costs in the business, then it stands to reason that it’s going to have a negative impact on the bottom line.

A team too busy to focus on effective sales, marketing and business development, combined with processes that are slow and offer poor customer experience is a cocktail for stagnation or worse.

If this resembles your organisation in any way, then it’s time to act. Training providers must foster smart and inclusive working practices, and embrace new reliable technology.

Your team is too good and too talented to be spending their days wallowing in work that could be automated. By freeing their time to focus on quality training delivery, greater customer engagement and new business opportunities, you can transform your business and ensure your training organisation is able to meet the expectations and market-changes today and in the years ahead.

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