Why Football Camps for Kids Are So Popular

There’s no other sport that offers a larger global reach than football. In the UK alone, it’s a sport that’s watched, played and consumed by millions of people, every single week. From local parks and Sunday leagues, to 5-a-side courts, amateurs, professionals and of course, the elite of the Premier League. And there is little […]

What You Should Include In Your Booking Confirmation Emails

If we make a booking of any kind, be it for a training course or class, an event, a room, appointment or trip, there is an expectation that we will receive a confirmation email. And if we don’t, well, we’re almost certainly left wondering if all is OK with our booking. Has it been properly […]

Why Manual Course Booking and Management Slows Growth

It’s Time To Let Go Of Those Manual Ways Inefficiencies within a business create barriers that lead to slow growth or, in some cases, stagnation. It’s certainly a truism for training providers and organisations who run various courses, classes and events. The types of business that have traditionally been faced with long and winding processes […]

How Waiting Lists Can Help You Take More Course Bookings

Applying waiting lists to your courses means more opportunity for bookings If you sell training courses or similar types of class and event, then it’s always good news when every place is sold. Mission accomplished, maximum sales, maximum revenue. Everyone’s a winner. But is that the end of the story? What if someone cancels? What […]

The Value of Reminder Emails In Your Course Booking Process

Reminder emails are an important part of the booking process, adding value to your customer and, by consequence, your business. They represent an opportunity to keep your customers informed, engaged and enthused about their upcoming course booking, while providing a practical value to your booking management processes. Engaging Your Clients After a booking has been […]