Responsible Travel

Creating a Positive Impact Through Your Trip

Travel is one of the most uplifting things available to us. There’s no feeling quite like being immersed in a new place, with new sounds, sights and smells all around. 

Travel, more than anything else on this planet, expands our horizons and connects us to everything around us. 

With this huge privilege comes the responsibility for all of us to preserve as much of what we see as possible, and to care for it rather than harm it. 

Travelling responsibly means being aware: aware of the wider context that we are moving in; aware of the impact that our decisions have on the communities and environments we visit; and aware of our ability to choose to make a positive difference. 

Our ultimate aim is to create a positive impact around the world through our trips, and we hope you will join us on our journey. Make sure you stay up to date with the causes and projects that your trips are supporting over on our blog, and through our newsletters. 

Why Responsible Travel Matters

People talk about voting with your dollar. At Jacada we believe in contributing through our choices. But you don’t have to sacrifice luxury to make a difference when you travel, and we’re on a mission to prove it to you. 

Low-volume high-value tourism models can have a huge impact: sustainable luxury travel that adds heart to your trip, lets you experience untouched natural landscapes and make meaningful connections.   

Your actions mark a path for others to follow. By travelling with Jacada you’re contributing to the preservation of cultures and ways of life, the protection of the environment and the conservation of animals.

When you choose Jacada, you choose to make a difference and to stand up for these causes. You choose to travel deeper and to experience the best that this planet has to offer, now and for generations to come.

elephants walk across the wetlands of botswana

Social Impact Travel: Selecting the Right Local Partners

On your trips, you’ll come across some of our amazing partners around the world. We’re proud to work with some incredible organisations and partners that share our values and our passion for responsible travel. 

You’ll experience new places and cultures, be captivated by different environments and wildlife, learn more about our world and learn more about yourself. And simply by going on an incredible trip, you’ll be supporting businesses and organisations that really make a difference in the places that you visit. 

In Costa Rica, you can experience the magic of the jungle and stay in ecolodges that not only create employment in the local communities, but also combat deforestation and preserve crucial biodiversity. 

On safari in Africa you’ll stay in world-leading wildlife conservancies that partner with local communities to positively manage land use and tourism in the most breathtaking places on earth.

Your trip to Cambodia will take in spectacular ancient ruins and contribute to a foundation supporting underfunded childhood education.

All around the globe the places you stay and the people you meet can contribute to the good in their countries and communities. 


Positive Impact: Our Planning Process

Our desire is that your Jacada experience is uplifting, exciting and enriching. The positive impact of your trip should be mutual: benefitting you as the traveller as well as the places you choose to visit. 

You’ll have the chance to learn from the true heroes: the people on the ground who are doing that important work. 

By participating in cultural exchanges with local partners you can learn more about different ways of life and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the history and importance of these communities. 

Spotting incredible wild animals in their natural habitats and seeing crucial conservation work in action will connect you to the world and show you the importance of different ecosystems. You can experience the thrill of tracking rhino or spend time with our close relatives, the gorillas, all while contributing to the survival and conservation of these incredible creatures.

Pacuare Reserve Costa Rica

Our Commitment to Fund Important Causes

Jacada Travel is a proud part of the Wilderness family, and that means that we’re part of one of the biggest conservation efforts in the world. 

Wilderness has long been a leader in responsible travel, and a pioneer of many of the innovative impact models that you can see around the globe.

Currently Wilderness protect a total area of over 2.3 million hectares, with plans to double that in the coming years. Through targeted initiatives and careful local partnerships, Wilderness ensure that they bring long-lasting benefits to communities, and help to protect many of the most endangered species in Africa. 

As a Jacada traveller, you are supporting these causes, no matter where in the world you choose to visit.


If you'd like to make a positive impact through travel on your next vacation, our expert travel designers are always on hand to help.